Abusive Relationship · Second Husband

He took pieces so small I didn’t realize they were being taken, until I was no longer myself.

Posturing is an abusive narcissist’s go-to…

June 18, 2016 post Regarding Dave (2nd husband~abuser)

I appreciate all of my friends and family that tolerated him until I was able to get him out safely. He moved out at the end of April and signed the deed of my house back to me. We kept this off facebook until now.

The 7yrs of abuse created what’s referred to as a “Traumatic Bond”, but I’ve broken free from my abuser and his cyclic abuse/reward actions. I’m still in a recovery stage and go to counseling to continue my forward progress.

This has been a painful, but albeit, necessary event. I’m doing okay and standing strong against his continued attempts to control/manipulate me through words and actions.

Again, I’m doing okay, but at times, it’s a bit day to day. Sometimes even hour to hour. I have a strong support structure around me and am now able to not reply to his “postured” texts and messages.

I’m including a screenshot of the definition of posturing. It’s been a large part of the vicious cycle, and I use the word often to describe some of his past and current actions. I wanted the word to be defined for all.

3 thoughts on “He took pieces so small I didn’t realize they were being taken, until I was no longer myself.

  1. Jaime,
    I am so very sorry you had to go through so very much and wait so long to get this thing out of your life!!
    On the other hand I am so incredibly proud of you for taking back your own life and becoming the amazing women you are today, I love you little sister!!!!


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