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Cold Mornings In Florida

An elevated, yet relaxed mind is steering this early afternoon 😌🧚🏼‍♂️🌱💚 It's COLD for a girl that's lived in FL most her life! Most with rheumatic disease, any sort of arthritis for that matter, know how especially fun mornings are when the temperature drops and barometric pressures changes. For myself, it adds an extra layer… Continue reading Cold Mornings In Florida


Breathing Was More Effort Than I Could Muster…

September 26, 2016, I awoke fighting the dyspepsia I'd gone to bed with. I figured I'd eaten too large a portion of enchiladas at my parent's house the evening of the 25th, and my mom said she'd used a different enchilada sauce than usual. September 25th had been an emotionally straining day. Something to do… Continue reading Breathing Was More Effort Than I Could Muster…

Abusive Relationship · Second Husband

Did The Truth “Set Me Free”?

Something didn’t seem quite right about the stories my new boyfriend, Dave, was telling me. Equipped with the paycheck I found in the computer case, I proceeded to reach out to Mt. Sinai of Queen’s HR Department to find out where exactly department 19 employees were assigned. “That’s the emergency department”, the woman stated. No… Continue reading Did The Truth “Set Me Free”?


Depression, Random Ramblings of a Depressed Mind

I'm depressed. Right now. 11:30pm January 3, 2019. For whatever reason, for NO reason, I'm depressed. My thoughts are a bit erratic when I'm feeling down, as I am currently.On 12/24, a local reporter/weekend anchor messaged me and asked if I'd like to discuss situational depression for a Christmas Eve news story.  I obliged and… Continue reading Depression, Random Ramblings of a Depressed Mind